Veikkaus Introduces Mandatory Scratch Cards Identification Checks From 2024

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Veikkaus, the Finnish exclusive gambling operator, announces the introduction of mandatory identification measure for scratch games. The identification of players purchasing the popular Ässä or Casino lottery scratchcards will be required from January 1, 2024.

Measure Already Applied To Coupon Games:

The requirement for players to identify themselves when purchasing cards, claiming winnings, or otherwise participating in the game follows the mandatory identification checks introduced for coupon games earlier in 2023.  The measure applicable to coupon games like Lotto and Eurojackpot since May 2023 has enabled players to use the dedicated Veikkaus card for other purposes as well, such as the personal or driving license identification. As reported, the respective Veikkaus app may be used as a mobile version for the same purpose.

Ville Venojärvi, director of Veikkaus lottery games, reportedly said: ”The conditions for identification of scratch cards are good, because we have a very large customer base with the identification of coupon games. Identification is already a familiar operating method to our customers.”

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Identification Enables Direct Payments:

The identification reportedly enables the operator to have lottery winnings paid directly to the customer’s online or bank account and the practice has been operative in coupon games. As scratchcards still do not offer this facility, lottery winnings may be redeemed by players after the identification information of the lottery are loaded into the sales terminal for a prospective match. However, Veikkaus reports that lottery tickets will be sold as usually by the end of 2023. Also, lottery winnings made in 2023 can be claimed in 2024. This transition process will be running until the end of 2024.

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EUR 5,000 Daily Prize Pool:

The new measure will reportedly offer additional win opportunities to players with the losing scratchcards. All lotteries with no winnings can reportedly be submitted to the respective sale spot for additional draws. Unlike the past practice that included only Assa and Casino weekly draws, the new drawing schedule will offer five EUR1,000 prizes daily. Venojärvi reportedly explained: ”The new additional draw offers excitement to scratch card players more often than before. Participating in the new additional lottery is easier and we respond to customers’ wishes with the reform.”

Reducing Gambling Harm:

In addition, the identification will facilitate the inclusion of scratchcards in the scope of gaming management tools to use available data to combat problem gambling and prevent risky gambling behaviors. Ville Venojärvi said: ”Veikkaus is one of the first game companies in the world where playing both digital and physical channels, including scratch cards, requires identification. With the help of identification, we prevent gaming disadvantages, strengthen age limit monitoring and build a safer gaming environment for everyone.”

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